NYC Restaurant Week 2016


MW By Rupveen Arora (Mademoiselle Wanderlust), Head of Lifestyle

What is Restaurant Week?

NYC Restaurant Week includes hundreds of restaurants offering steals for lunch (three courses for $25) and dinner ($38).

When is Restaurant Week?

Don’t miss your chance between January 18 and February 5.

Why Restaurant Week?

This is a great opportunity for one to try even the costliest of venues at bargain prices.

All foodies know that there are never enough restaurants to try. Be it a fine dining establishment or a local dive of any authentic Mexican, Vietnamese, Indian, Thai… (the list goes on), you must explore them all. What better time to allow those eyes that are exponentially larger than your tummy to explore what good eats are out there?

Here are some that you must check out!

One of my favorites: ABC KITCHEN

Crab Toast

Crab Toast. Phot by Lori L/Yelp

This restaurant’s focus on sustainable, local produce, and its ever-changing menu are reasons enough to visit this Michelin star Jean-Georges treat.

38 E. 18th Street

It’s Greek to me: ANASSA TAVERNA


Taking you through the ancient historical neighborhood of Plakka, Annasa is nestled in the heart of the Upper East Side. This gem allows you to experience all things Greek, right here from the Big Apple. Rustic ambiance. Great wait-staff. Delectable menu.

200 E. 60th Street



How could Daniel Boulud not be included in this list? Simply, go. You won’t be disappointed.

20 W. 64th Street


Empellon Taqueria-interior-1

As I sit on my balcony at this very moment overlooking the ocean in Tulum, Mexico, I’d be remiss not to mention the lighthearted ambiance of this West Village taqueria. Its authenticity combined with its venturing out on the more modern side of Mexican cuisine may surprise you. The Margaritas aren’t too shabby either.

230 W. 4th Street

Abruzzesse Italian: IL MULINO


This still holds in my top 3 Italian eateries in NYC, and that’s saying a lot. The sophistication of dishes, unparalleled service and a wine list to die for (I mean, I would literally die for it) is reason enough for anyone to trek down to this flagship location in Greenwich Village. Even with the upcoming snow storm.

86 W. 3rd Street

Laotian Love Affair: KHE-YO

KHE YO Pho Photo by Shushu C/Yelp.

Pho. Winter. That’s all!

157 Duane Street



If you fancy one of the best lobster dishes in town, look no further. A staple in NYC cuisine and the original fine dining of Chinese, Shun Lee has been serving smiles for the last 40 years.

155 E. 55th Street



This doesn’t do Restaurant Week, but I thought I’d toss it in if you are looking for some of the best sushi in town. Nothing fancy, and if you decide to head out to this no-frills sushi bar, you may have to wait outside in the cold, but you will be glad you did after allowing the first piece of Sashimi to melt in your mouth.

172 Thompson Street

Pick up the phone and dial your heart out to your next delightful meal. Bon appetito!

Featured image by Michelleamock/Dollar Photo Club

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