OpenDoor Completes Funding Round


OpenDoor $10M Funding Round to Support Platform Innovation

Jersey City, NJ, January 29, 2018 – OpenDoor Securities LLC (“OpenDoor”), the first all-to-all marketplace for illiquid US Treasuries, has completed a third $10 million investment round. The funds will help to accelerate its rapid business expansion by hiring additional experienced sales and marketing executives and introducing a series of major enhancements to the award-winning platform.

The latest investment comes at a time of sustained growth for the platform. Eight dealers are trading on OpenDoor’s platform for their own accounts, along with financial institutions representing $7.3 trillion in assets under management, an 84% increase since the platform’s launch in late April 2017. In the nine months since launch, OpenDoor has facilitated over $275 billion in orders, with matched trading volume reaching $10 billion, $1 billion in the first week of January 2018 alone. Fourteen percent of all matched trades have resulted in better fills.

Clients have responded well to the user-friendly platform, which is capturing an increasing share of the illiquid Treasury marketplace. Among the recent innovations is “SuperGrid”, a flexible interface that gives traders complete control over the issues, orders and trades they wish to see, selecting from the full set of off-the-runs (OFTRs) and TIPS for each matching session. In addition, SuperGrid allows the user to set his or her view to update dynamically as liquidity shifts along the curve.

“OpenDoor is committed to delivering a more transparent marketplace for illiquid Treasury securities,” said Susan Estes, CEO, President and Co-Founder of OpenDoor. “So while these enhancements take us closer to delivering on this worthy goal, they also make perfect sense for our client base, as evidenced by the rapid growth in the OpenDoor community.”

Along with SuperGrid, OpenDoor has also rolled out ClearView, an enhanced real-time indicative pricing curve. This new tool leverages OpenDoor’s internal pricing models that track overall curve moves as well as on-the-run premia. Combined with its dealer and 3rd party feeds (representing over 15 independent pricing sources), ClearView gives clients a pre-trade insight into the true price drivers across the markets.

OpenDoor’s market-based solution is the first session-based, all-to-all, anonymous trading platform for off-the-run US Treasuries and Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS). It provides equal access and a level playing field for all participants and is engineered to prevent information leakage.

OpenDoor is a certified woman-owned business enterprise.

About OpenDoor Securities

OpenDoor is a financial technology company providing institutional investors tools to improve their execution quality in the most illiquid segments of the U.S. Treasury market: Off-the-run Treasuries and TIPS. OpenDoor’s market-based solution enhances the value of the buy-side’s dealer relationships by employing a riskless-principal model. The model allows OpenDoor to compensate its dealer-partners for facilitating clearing of matched trades without requiring them to take market risk. Headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey, OpenDoor has a client base that consists of central banks, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, primary dealers, asset managers, hedge funds and trading firms.

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