OpenFin And genesis Partner To Digitise Capital Markets


genesis, the international capital markets software firm and OpenFin are pleased to announce their partnership, to provide clients with scalable and interoperable technology and desktop solutions, built and deployed at great speed. The partnership helps drive front to back office digital transformation projects across capital markets – from the server to the desktop – bringing together genesis’ ability for agile software development and OpenFin’s application interoperability across financial desktops.

genesis provides a microservices technology framework designed specifically for the world of capital markets, to address the digitisation challenges participants face as they look to meet the growing demand for smarter, end-to-end workflows and real-time insights. The framework enables fast and agile software development by breaking down the problem into small components of functionality, while ensuring the data used is consistent in real-time. This is in stark contrast to legacy systems that require whole platforms to be re-engineered.

OpenFin is quickly becoming the de facto operating system (OS) for capital markets, used by banks, asset managers, hedge funds and brokers globally to power their digital transformation strategies by securely deploying interoperable financial applications directly onto permissioned desktops. Licensed to more than 175,000 desktops, the OpenFin OS is now being used to deploy more than 1,000 applications to more than 1500 major banks and buy-side firms, across 60+ countries.

By partnering with OpenFin, genesis can build and deploy their own suite of products and solutions as desktop applications directly onto OpenFin’s OS, using their proprietary Creative Studio tool which eliminates the need to write additional code. Clients benefit from the enhanced interoperability and connectivity provided by the OpenFin OS, as it allows  genesis’ solutions to share information, context and intent with other best-in-class applications on the end-user’s desktop. At the same time, the Creative Studio tool can help potential OpenFin users reduce the time required to build Proof of Concepts (POC)s to hours and days, rather than weeks and months, accelerating application deployment and time to market.

genesis has already successfully implemented a solution for clients supporting treasury, broker dealer and wealth management requirements on the OpenFin OS. This solution has been deployed at one of the largest investment firms in Latin America and was created as an application on the OpenFin OS in minutes, using genesis’s Creative Studio tool, without the need for technical resource or coding.

Commenting on the collaboration, Stephen Murphy, Chief Executive Officer of genesis, said: “We are very excited to partner with OpenFin. The powerful combination of genesis’ microservices framework and OpenFin’s OS allows us to provide highly scalable solutions on both the server and desktop. This gives our clients an alternative to legacy in-house or vendor technologies with cutting edge technology that is open and interoperable. We share a goal with OpenFin, to improve the way financial markets develop, implement and maintain their solutions whether they are a client’s in-house or vendor solution.”

Mazy Dar, Global CEO and Co-Founder of OpenFin, said: “We’re delighted to partner with genesis, because we offer very complementary solutions and together we can really help drive the digital transformation agenda across capital markets. We started OpenFin because we wanted to make it quicker and easier for end-users to securely access the latest desktop applications. This collaboration will make this process even more agile, enabling our users to build applications or POCs at an expedited rate.”

Source: genesis

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