By Rob Daly

Perseus Ups Fixed-Income Game

As more non-traditional liquidity providers join the U.S. Treasury market and increased demand for low-latency market access data continues, global managed-service provider Perseus has become a reseller of Nasdaq’s eSpeed ITCH and TotalView data feeds.

“We are a vendor of record, so we are licensed to provide and sell this market data to anyone who wants to buy it from us,” said Jock Percy, chief executive of Perseus.

The TotalView and eSpeed ITCH feeds join the 12 existing market data feeds, such as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the London Metal Exchange, that the vendor provides via its LiquidPath managed service.

Dr. Jock Percy, Perseus Telecom

Jock Percy, Perseus

“These additions allow global clients to incorporate U.S. equities and Treasuries in to their trading strategies,” he added. “Market data is very relatively expensive. Not just the cost of the content, but the distribution costs. When you combine our distribution and our infrastructure capabilities with the cost of the data itself, our unit economics are very attractive.”

Soft-launched to some clients in late 2015, the new feeds come as the U.S. Department of Treasury ruminates over possible changes to the Treasury market suggested by the financial community.

“Fixed income always was a lagging asset class as it related to technology infrastructure,” said Percy. “It’s now moving rapidly to a leading indicative asset class. This is why the request for market data feeds come up so often and regularly. We’re pretty excited by the eSpeed data set because of the inevitable changes that are going to happen to the fixed-income markets over the months and years ahead.”

Perseus plans to add additional market data feeds to LiquidPath on a market-by-market basis globally, according to Percy. “A significant number of them will be in Asia-Pacific, which will be in line with our global network expansion that is near completion.”

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