Perseus Wins Best Innovation 3 Years Running


High precision network provider honoured for London Metro Wireless (2014) Trans-Atlantic Connectivity (2013) and Brazil Trading Access (2012) at the Global Telecoms Business Innovation Awards.

London – 15 May, 2014 – Perseus Telecom, a leading provider of high-speed global connectivity, High Precision Time™ and Market-to-Market networks announced today the company has been awarded a win from Global Telecoms Business (GTB) in London for the third consecutive year in a row. The continuous honour is for Best Innovation and 2014’s accolade specifically recognizes the Wireless Network Infrastructure for London Metro Wireless along with Arista Networks. Prior years include notoriety for QuanTA™ in 2013, the fastest Trans-Atlantic route from NY4 to LD4, and in 2012 for LiquidPath®, the fastest connection from London to Sao Paulo, Brazil.

“We are thrilled about this win for London Metro Wireless Innovation and honoured to be included alongside a roster of winning Fortune500 companies,” says Dr Jock Percy, Chief Executive of Perseus. “Arista Networks continues to be an excellent strategic partner; we are thankful to be engaged in an award winning relationship.”

Perseus currently owns the only London Wireless routes for trading access, four in total. Most recently, the company announced the fastest Trans-Atlantic Wireless Hybrid connection from New York to Frankfurt in 33.87milliseconds and March 2014, acquired TLV Networks in Chicago, owning the Wireless Route (Microwave) with Market Data from CME Group Aurora to 350 Cermak (NYSE ICE.) Wireless expansion continues for Perseus based on strong customer demand.


About Perseus
Perseus is a private global high precision network provider for financial trading, gaming, e-commerce and multi- media. Customers include top tier market makers, banks, exchanges and Fortune500 companies. Perseus is the parent company to Marco Polo New World Securities connecting 170 brokers in 80 markets with 38 liquidity centres worldwide. Perseus and Marco Polo New World are headquartered in New York with offices in Chicago, Dublin, London, Miami, São Paulo and San Francisco. Both companies operate globally including emerging markets.

Perseus provides many of the world’s fastest market-to-market routes (all asset class including Bitcoin) between Chicago, New York, London, Frankfurt, São Paulo, Mexico City, Tokyo, Singapore, Johannesburg. The company has earned accolades for the fastest trans-Atlantic route between New York and London (QuanTA™), the lowest latency route between Brazil and USA (LiquidPath®) and High Precision Time™. Perseus accepts Bitcoin for payment of services with GoCoin.
More Information: http://perseustelecom.com/contact/
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Chief Marketing Officer
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