Plato Partnership and BMLL Technologies Launch Platometrics


Plato Partnership, the not-for-profit company working to improve the European equities marketplace, and BMLL Technologies, the data engineering and analytics firm, today announced the launch of Platometrics, a new market quality metrics tool. Platometrics is the first service of its kind, providing market participants with a complete picture of trading data and trends from European venues, entirely free of charge.

Platometrics provides users with:

  • A consolidated overview of liquidity from across Lit, Dark/Grey, Bilateral and Non-Addressable trades;
  • The European best bid offer (EBBO) across exchanges at any specific point in time; and
  • A range of market quality metrics on a large range of instruments for individual stock analysis and by venues for performance comparison purposes including (but not limited to) market impact, intraday volatility, order fill rates, average resting time of orders, percentage presence time at EBBO and trade-order ratio.
    All metrics are available on a transaction date plus one day basis (i.e. up to the end of the prior trading day) with up to six months of historical data.

The metrics cover European equities and equity like instruments, including Shares, ETFs, DRs, and Certificates. On one intuitive interface, users can view consolidated data from across Europe or drill down to explore multiple metrics by market, venue or specific security.

Access to Platometrics is free to all market participants, from portfolio managers, traders, compliance analysts and risk managers, to quant researchers, regulators and academics. Signup and access is via an online dashboard.

The scope of Platometrics is extensive, from helping firms improve best execution and understand liquidity sourcing and price forming dynamics, to analysing market quality and informing policy and strategy discussions. Its launch marks another milestone in Plato’s mission to bring much needed innovation to the European marketplace and all its participants.

Mike Bellaro, CEO of Plato Partnership, said: ”Plato Partnership is committed to giving something back to the marketplace, and Platometrics will open a wide range of information to market participants who were previously locked out by impenetrable complexity of data and high costs.”

“Whilst trading data from different venues is available, it is disparate and spread across multiple platforms for different exchanges and regions. This makes it challenging to compare and assess disparities and variations between different parts of the marketplace. Platometrics offers the first viable solution to this market-wide challenge, and we are delighted to be able to offer this tool to all participants, free of charge.”

Johannes Sulzberger, CEO of BMLL Technologies said: “BMLL is very excited to be collaborating with the Plato Partnership, bringing clarity and insight into the complexity of European markets for the first time. Platometrics represents a step-change in the analytics deployed within Europe and we are pleased to be able to provide simple answers to the core challenges faced by market participants, namely; addressable liquidity, cross-venue price formation and execution quality.”

“BMLL provides the data, analytics & compute to be the single source of truth around the consolidated European liquidity landscape, the consolidated best price across venues and execution metrics for different venues and securities.”

Source: Plato

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