Prime Analytics Partners with ACTIV Financial


Prime Analytics, LLC,( http://prime-analytics.com/) is pleased to announce a partnership with ACTIV Financial(www.activfinancial.com).  ACTIV Financial is a full-service market data vendor specializing in the delivery of low-latency, high-availability market data.   Prime Analytics LLC, is the creator of ProOpticus.  ProOpticus provides software solutions to the derivatives trading and risk management community.

ACTIV’s market data is consumed by the ProOpticus Universal Risk Manager, an enterprise, post execution, market risk management system, deployed in the risk and credit departments at, FCM and prime brokerage operations of major financial institutions, hedge funds, energy firms, family offices and professional trading groups around the globe.

The system utilizes over 20 different valuation models.  The solution is highly customizable and relies on proprietary, parameterized, risk methodologies, providing the end user with the ability to create and monitor multiple “what if” scenarios, with hierarchy levels for precision granularity and “deep dive” analysis, on a continuous basis throughout the trading day, with user defined warnings and alerts shared globally.  Various margin methodologies are provided for comparative purposes.

The multi asset class system covers most instrument categories including traditional exchange traded products, centrally cleared OTC, cash, and several other complex strategy types.

The product has been developed and supported by a team of professionals with core competencies in modeling, trading, risk, and software design.  The founders and active partners are committed to the product evolving to meet the ever changing demands of the derivatives risk management professional.

ACTIV Financial, a full-service market data vendor specializing in the delivery of low-latency, high-availability market data.   ACTIV Financial President Frank Piasecki says the deal is intended to strengthen our support of the ISV community for our global and potential customer’s service.” He adds the deal was driven by clients looking for high quality, cost effective market data feed service.

ACTIV Financial looks to strengthen its support of the ISV community to our existing and potential clients globally.

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