QB and CQG Team on Futures Algos


Quantitative Brokers, an independent provider of advanced algorithms and data-driven analytics to clients in the Futures and US Cash Treasury markets, today announced a partnership with CQG, a leading global provider of high-performance trading, market data, and advanced technical analysis tools, to offer QB’s suite of premium execution algorithms on CQG’s platform.

QB’s algorithms are specifically engineered for futures markets and helping traders achieve best execution. The addition of QB algorithms to the CQG platform will further enhance CQG’s offerings.

“CQG is excited to offer Quantitative Brokers’ popular algo strategies on our integrated client platform,” said Mike Glista, Senior Vice President at CQG. “This integration gives CQG customers access to sophisticated trading strategies without the need for custom development.”

“As one of the only independent providers of fixed-income and futures algos for the buy side, QB is uniquely positioned to solve the execution problems facing today’s buy-side institutions,” said Guy Cirillo, Head of Partnerships Sales at QB. “The combination of CQG’s innovative solutions in financial trading with QB’s algo offering creates a strategic partnership that will benefit our mutual clients.”

In addition to its algorithms, which are designed to respond dynamically to market indicators for trade optimization, QB offers data analytics and transaction cost analysis (TCA) for clients to further help them achieve best execution – pushing the boundary of capabilities in electronic trading.

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