Raise a Glass for National Margarita Day


February 22nd is a national holiday that requires our observance. It’s National Margarita Day, the holiday centered around consuming a beverage that reminds us of vacationing in Mexico, and after today’s thick, dark fog blanketing New York City, we could really use some of that festive tequila to cheer us up.

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Honoring the margarita is undoubtedly national holiday-worthy. The boozy beverage has held a special place in history since it was popularized in the United States after its inception in the 1930’s, originally combining tequila, triple sec and lime. The drink was made even more enticing in the 1970’s, when a creative bartender fashioned a frozen margarita mechanism out of what was once a soft serve ice cream machine. Today, the classic margarita has undergone some rebranding, as it’s served in a variety of flavors including strawberry, mango, watermelon, pomegranate, and multiple other tasty and fruity options. So whether you prefer it frozen or on the rocks, grab your tequila, limes, and salt-rimmed glasses to join us as we honor and respect the classic margarita. Although we don’t need a holiday to encourage us to drink some margaritas, follow one of Avión Tequila’s delicious margarita recipes, or head over to one of these Mexican restaurants in NYC to celebrate.

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