REDI Introduces Mobile Platform

New York – REDI Technologies has announced the launch of REDI Mobile, a system which allows clients to access the powerful REDI trade management platform through the convenience of their iPad.
With it, traders can enter new orders, update and cancel existing orders, or monitor in-progress orders to view real-time P&L, executions and charts, as well as view L1 and L2 market data for the names you’re trading.


  • Monitor orders and executions while leveraging real-time analytics and visualizations to measure order performance.


  • Choose from four views providing a wide array of data and capabilities, including the ability to enter/cancel orders, view by account and monitor positions.
  • Users can edit displayed fields in the Trade view.


  • REDI Mobile utilizes the same risk control framework as the REDIPlus desktop application, allowing active confirmations for order entry/cancellation, disablement in the event of loss and the ability to set non-trading entitlements.
  • REDI Mobile runs on secure servers and leverages two factor authentication; communication is via SSL, and no data is ever stored on the device.


  • The application is easily downloaded via the Apple App Store and supported by mobile application development vendor PowWow.
  • REDI Mobile is distinct from your REDIPlus configuration, allowing you to maintain different workspaces on mobile/desktop.

“We’ve had several dozen early adopters on the platform since late last year, and the feedback has been very positive,” said A
drian Stack, member of REDI’s Product Management team

To download the app, click here and follow the instructions in the user guide.

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