REDI Turns to HTML5 with OpenFin Partnership


Execution management system provider REDI Technologies has designed the coming version 15.3 release of its REDIPlus trading platform to incorporate Web-based architecture using HTML5-based technology developed by OpenFin.

“OpenFin is a fundamental change to the way applications are written, deployed, and run within the financial community,” Mark Etherington, chief technology officer at REDI, said in a release. “A decade ago, the idea that you could natively integrate Web-based applications from multiple providers within a legacy environment in way that is completely transparent to the user was unthinkable, and yet that exactly is what OpenFin is allowing us to do.”

By leveraging OpenFin’s technology, REDI will be able to roll out new applications and services to client quicker. “It also lets us make updates to them on the server side without the need for clients to upgrade to a new version,” Etherington told Markets Media “It also will be much easier for partners to integrate their application into REDI, which should expand the universe of content available to REDI users dramatically.”

The next REDIPlus release will be able to launch and integrate OpenFin-enabled applications.

The first OpenFin-enabled application that the EMS vendor expects to release is its new Spread Trader application, which currently is in the midst of beta testing with clients, according to Etherington.

REDI also will roll out additional OpenFin-enabled applications sometime in the second quarter, he said.

“The work that REDI has done to re-architect its platform in such an open and collaborative manner is extremely impressive and we are glad to have played a small part,” Mazy Dar, CEO of OpenFin, said in a release.

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