Refinitiv Partners for Crypto Investment Insights


 Oddup, the global leader in startup, investment, and cryptocurrency insights and analysis, has announced its partnership with Refinitiv. This partnership gives Refinitiv customers and Eikon users access to Alluva, Oddup’s upcoming offering that provides cryptocurrency ratings and insights.

Oddup has designed Alluva to provide a quantitative and qualitative outlook of the crypto market. Alluva leverages sentiment data and algorithmic predictive data to help institutional investors looking at cryptocurrencies as a means to diversify their portfolios and contribute to the growth of blockchain.

This is the second partnership between the two companies, with the first being for the Oddup app that showcases startups’ proprietary metrics and insights for Refinitiv users. With this second step, the Eikon app will share Alluva data too, providing license holders with real-time streaming prices, market capitalization, and analysis of all active cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency ratings, as well as ratings and insights on ICOs and STOs.

One of the main reasons for Oddup securing this partnership is its track-record in analysis, insights, and ratings, and its proven methods of data collection and analysis. With the application of Oddup’s proprietary rating algorithm, backed up by its research, data and insights teams experienced in startup analysis and equity analysis, machine learning and modeling, Alluva will meet the increasing demand for widespread altcoin coverage required by leading companies, including Refinitiv.

Speaking on the decision to partner with Oddup and Alluva, Head of Capital Markets and Advisory at Refinitiv, Leon Saunders Calvert, said, ″It is an exciting time for corporate capital raising as non-traditional forms of security issuance come to market, specifically those which service the underrepresented SME space, which includes Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and Security Token Offerings (STOs). We are delighted to partner with Oddup, with whom we have a longstanding partnership associated to rating startups in Asia, in order to provide more data transparency around issuance that utilizes digital ledger technologies and ratings for cryptocurrencies.″

James Giancotti, Co-founder and CEO at Oddup and Lead at Alluva, said, ″ Oddup has always been consistent in improving the investment landscape through products, services, insights, and analyses that matter. That is what led to our partnership with Refinitiv. Today, crypto-assets, digital ledger technologies, blockchain, and virtual currencies have made themselves integral to the investment sector. What is lacking is clarity and transparency, fair and unbiased evaluations of cryptocurrencies and ICOs, and emphasis on the right blockchain projects amongst the options becoming visible. Alluva’s insights will solve these problems, improve mass adoption of cryptocurrency, and enable blockchain technology growth.″

Alluva will be integrated into the Eikon app in the coming months. The data and insights accessible to Eikon license holders will enable easy dealflow access especially for startups exploring blockchain technology.

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