Relax, Take It Easy…


Take it Easy Personal Concierge, Inc. –Toronto’s Luxury Personal Concierge Company

Sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day. That’s why Tarra Stubbins, president of Take it Easy Personal Concierge, Inc. want’s to reassure you that you can relax, and leave the rest to her. Stubbins launched Take it Easy Personal Concierge, Inc. because she understands that many CEO’s, executives, and entrepreneurs need an extra hand. Her business aims to help her clients save time by eliminating their ‘to do lists.’ Tarra employs a staff of 10 licensed and trained professionals, who are on call 24/7 for any of their clients’ needs.

Take it Easy was launched in 2007. The inspiration behind the personal concierge services came from Tarra’s previous history as a personal assistant for famous traveling bands and musicians. As much as Tarra loved helping others go about their day with ease, a life on the road was not where she felt she belonged. Soon after, she started Take it Easy Personal Concierge, Inc.

Stubbins loves the thrill of not having a ‘typical’ day-to-day schedule. What she enjoys most is that she never knows what will be in her emails when she opens them in the morning, or what will be on the other end of her phone. “It’s like a big scavenger hunt,” she explains, “trying to keep my clients happy and be as quick and efficient as possible in getting their tasks and requests done.”

Take it Easy specializes in three specific services–personal shopping and errand running, lifestyle management, and referral services. Personal shopping and errand running is the number one requested service. Included in this service is car maintenance, dry cleaning, grocery shopping, and general errands. Lifestyle management is where her team helps their clients organize their time and simplify their tasks. Property management is a subset of lifestyle management. With property management, staff members will take care of all of the different service providers entering their clients homes. The third–referral service– is asked of clients for membership. This service allows clients to access Take it Easy’s trusted service provider list. This list includes contractors, car services, cleaning services, gardeners, pet services, etc. It also allows their clients to receive an email on exclusive events around the city, and access to those events. Included in the yearly membership is two hours a month of administration work.

Take it Easy is located in the greater Toronto area. However, location does not limit their services. Many of Tarra’s clients have a number of homes in Toronto, New York and Los Angeles. Some of her clients are traveling to Toronto for business, and like to have Take it Easy on an on call basis.

As far as the future of Take it Easy Personal Concierge, Inc., Tarra is hoping to build new corporate clients. This way, she will be able to offer her services to an entire office, helping them be more productive. “I am truly passionate about helping my clients understand the value of their time,” says Tarra, “I think it’s really important that people understand that time is something that you really can’t get back.” Anything Tarra and her staff can do to help their clients be in the office, satisfy a deadline, or just in general to help them de-stress and be more successful is what Take it Easy is all about. With Tarra’s help, you can hang loose, and have a few more hours in your day.

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