REX Shares Introduces Family of VIX ETFs


WESTPORT, Conn.; May 3, 2016 – REX Shares, LLC (REX), a provider of intelligently designed exchange-traded funds (ETFs), today announced the launch of its latest funds : the REX VolMAXXLong VIX Weekly Futures Strategy ETF (Ticker: VMAX) and the REX VolMAXX Inverse Weekly Futures Strategy ETF (Ticker: VMIN).

These two funds, the first in REX’s suite of VolMAXXTM ETFs, set a number of firsts for volatility-focused strategies, which allow investors to express directional views on the widely-followed CBOE Volatility Index (the “VIX”). VMAX and VMIN are the first regulated investment company funds to invest in VIX futures, and seek to track movements in the VIX Index by maintaining a weighted average time to expiry of their investments in VIX futures contracts of less than 30 days at all times.

“We believe VMAX and VMIN are exactly what sophisticated investors have been asking for: exchange-traded funds that get closer to spot VIX,” said Greg King, Founder and CEO of REX Shares. “Thanks to recent innovations at the CBOE Futures Exchange, we are able to deliver these products to market.

CBOE introduced weekly expirations for VIX futures in July 2015. The shorter time horizon found with weekly VIX futures contracts should result in a higher correlation and beta to the true daily price of the VIX Index. The long fund (VMAX) seeks opportunities that arise should the VIX spike upward while the inverse fund (VMIN) seeks to gain as the VIX falls. Both funds will be actively managed with the objective of being fully invested in VIX futures at all times.

About REX

REX Shares creates and delivers intelligently engineered exchange-traded products (“ETPs”) that address specific access and efficiency problems. REX was founded in 2014 with a focus on delivering new alternative ETPs. REX Shares sponsors ETPs based on strategies that include Gold Hedged Equities, VIX, and MLPs. REX is based in Westport, Connecticut.

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