Rising Star: Tash Rachlin, Citadel Securities

Rising Star: Tash Rachlin, Citadel Securities

Traders Magazine speaks with Tash Rachlin, a member of Citadel Execution Services’ Liquidity Strategy team, who won Rising Star at the 2022 Markets Choice Awards.

Tash Rachlin

What was your reaction to winning the Rising Star Award at the 2022 Markets Choice Awards?

As you might imagine, I was thrilled to win, but it was just as meaningful to be nominated. It’s incredibly gratifying to know that my colleagues think so highly of the contributions I’ve made and the potential I have. I’m part of a great team and I’m fortunate to have their support day in and day out, including at the awards ceremony itself.

Tell us more about your background and career to date.

I graduated from Harvard College five years ago with a degree in applied mathematics. I spent the first three and a half years of my career at Goldman Sachs focused on electronic trading.

I joined the Execution Services team at Citadel Securities at the end of 2020. I am responsible for analyzing trading behavior on various trading venues and using that information to help inform the firm’s trading strategies. I’ve developed an expertise in U.S. equity trading in dark pools and off-exchange venues, and much of what I do is focused on helping clients generate optimal value from these venues.

How does Citadel Securities support early-career talent?

At Citadel Securities, you’re given a lot of opportunities to prove yourself and demonstrate impact and, once you do, you’re given even more responsibility. Tenure and titles don’t dictate what you work on or the exposure you have to management. Being part of a meritocratic organization makes me feel both empowered and supported.

How did you know you wanted to pursue a career in finance – and what would your advice be to someone just starting out?

I played ice hockey in college and an older teammate went into finance. Based on her experience, I applied for an internship in the industry and found that I really enjoyed it. I was exposed to a lot of different facets of finance, including electronic trading, which is what I ended up enjoying most and is what I’m focused on today.

I didn’t have a master plan by any means, but I was interested in the experiences of those around me and I was open to learning new things. I’d encourage those starting out to get as much exposure to the industry as possible and to pursue what they’re most passionate about it.

What’s next for you?

I really enjoy what I do and am focused on continuing to learn and find new ways to further enhance our execution strategy. The markets are dynamic and so is our firm, so there are always new trends to analyze and opportunities to seize. I look forward to doing more of both, while working alongside my terrific colleagues.

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