Rival Offers Enterprise Trading


Rival Systems (Rival) today announced it is expanding its infrastructure to offer a fully-hosted solution for enterprise trading and risk management on European exchanges. The expansion provides clients across the globe with a single cost-effective and latency-sensitive ecosystem of software, hardware, and connectivity to trade across the U.S. and Europe.

“We’re committed to helping clients reduce the technical complexities around trading and risk management,” said Robert D’Arco, CEO of Rival Systems. “Through partnerships with leading providers in the industry, we offer clients top-of-the-line hardware, low latency connectivity, direct access to exchanges and brokers, and wire-to-wire latency reports for their trading activity. With our expansion into Europe, we’re replicating what we currently offer in the U.S. to make it easier and minimize costs for clients to trade on European exchanges.”

Rival’s initial offering will include hardware and hosting in the FR2 data center in Frankfurt, Germany, with access to the Eurex exchange. The buildout is anticipated to be completed before the end of 2018. Connectivity for additional European exchanges will be added throughout 2019.

Rival currently provides clients with a fully-hosted offering in the U.S. for trading futures, equities, and options. Rival’s offering includes dedicated hardware and hosting in all major US data centers with access to the CME, ICE, CBOE, CFE, NFX exchanges and CTA, UTP, and OPRA market data.

To learn more about Rival’s comprehensive solutions for market data, multi-asset trading, algorithmic strategy development and enterprise risk management please visit RivalSystems.com.


Rival Systems launched in 2015 as an ecosystem of enterprise trading and risk management solutions. Rival offers award-winning market data feed handlers, multi-asset trading capabilities, enterprise risk management, smart API for strategy development and top-of-the-line technology services. As a comprehensive technology solution, Rival’s proven speed and innovative, constantly evolving features empower firms to compete in today’s markets and get smarter with every trade.

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