SDX Launches Ethereum Staking For Institutions

SDX Launches Ethereum Staking For Institutions

SDX Web3 Services, the newly launched business unit from SIX Digital Exchange, is now live with its non-custodial Ethereum staking service. This service enables reliable and secure management of Ethereum validator nodes through a fully managed, API based infrastructure.

The service is tailored to institutional clients who need to scale their Ethereum staking capabilities. This new offering is a straightforward and secure way to launch new validators and generate yield from staking. SDX Web3 Services is perfectly positioned to facilitate access to Web3 activities for institutional clients as it draws on the experience of SIX in providing innovative, functionally rich, efficient, and secure capital markets technology. SDX Web3 Services is already signing its first client for this non-custodial staking service in the private wealth sector in Switzerland.

The Ethereum network is improving the security and stability of its blockchain by preparing an upgrade to a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism. Proof of Stake networks are an attractive alternative to Proof of Work as they do not require energy intensive processing to validate transactions. The recent successful testnet Merge events, and the planned upgrade in September 2022, have led to an increase in institutional demand for Ethereum staking.

According to Alex Smith, SDX Web3 Staking Product Lead, “The integration tools developed by SDX coupled with our experience operating in institutional markets, give our clients easy access to Ethereum staking capabilities with the highest security and reliability standards.”

Stephan Kunz, Head of SDX Web3, adds “The strong demand for our staking offering shows the institutional market’s readiness and need for secure and trusted services such as our Web3 offering. We are excited to announce further clients in the near future.”

Source: SDX

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