Seen on The Street: Patrick Fisher, Saxon Strategic Funds


We went for a stroll by the NYSE with Patrick Fisher, Senior Analyst at Saxon Strategic Funds. Patrick showed up in an ensemble loaded for bear, wearing a grey, made-to-measure J Crew Aldridge suit in Italian wool, a light blue, slim-cut Brooks Brothers shirt, and a strikingly textured silk lavender tie.

Seen on The Street: Patrick Fisher, Saxon Strategic Funds

MM: Dude! Nice tie. Where’s that from?

Fisher: (sheepish smile) Hermes. It’s one of my favorites.

MM: I like this combination you’ve got on–it’s a good mix of high-quality pieces at different price points. But what’s the best thing in your closet? As in, if your house was on fire, what would you take with you?

Fisher: I have a nice Dolce and Gabbana grey suit that I would grab…if nothing else, I could sell it for the most money!

MM: Ha! Speaking of houses…you work here, by Wall Street, and have just moved to a much hipper part of town–the West Village. Are you sensing any change in your style so far, just from living there?

Seen on The Street: Patrick Fisher, Saxon Strategic Funds

Patrick Fisher, Saxon Strategic Funds

Fisher: Yeah, for sure. The West Village is edgier, hipper, more experimental with style. So I sense some of that creeping in–on the weekends, for example. But just a little bit–you won’t be seeing me in skinny jeans anytime soon!

MM: You grew up in Pittsburgh and went to college in Boston. How has your style evolved since you’ve moved to Manhattan?

Fisher: I guess my style is more on the casual but sophisticated side. I try to look crisp–that’s my ‘How To Make It In America’ reference–some days, I may be in a jeans, button-down, and sweater. I just make sure that clothes aren’t baggy and that my shirt’s always tucked in.

MM: Your job requires a lot of meetings and conferences. What’s your suit situation like?

Fisher: Generally, I prefer a slimmer, leaner cut, and navy blue or light grey are my favorite colors for suits. I actually just had a tailor come to my apartment this morning, and she measured me for a suit I want taken in…it’s a really nice light grey wool suit from my brother’s wedding last month. It just needs to fit my body a little bit more. I’m definitely getting into the tailored, urbane look.

Seen on The Street: Patrick Fisher, Saxon Strategic Funds

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