SEF Trading Ticks Higher

February 2017 SEF Tracker data shows record level of trading activity
February 2017 SEF Tracker data show record level of trading activity.

Total trading on SEFs averaged $576.86 billion per day during the month of February, the highest daily average for any month since FIA began tracking these data in January 2014. The previous record was set in June 2016, when average daily trading reached $573.1 billion. February’s average daily trading volume was up 6.2% from January and 29.7% from February 2016.  The increase in trading volume was driven mainly by a surge in on-SEF trading of interest rate swaps and other non-FRA products as well as near-record levels of trading in foreign exchange products.  Note: the total amount of trading for the entire month did not set a record, due to the lower number of trading days in the month. February’s total amount of trading was $11.54 trillion, down 3.4% from the previous month, but up 23.5% from February 2016.

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