SIX Extends Contract With ANNA

SIX announces the renewal of its contract with the Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA) to serve as a co-operator of the ANNA Service Bureau (ASB) through December 2024, along with CUSIP Global Services.

SIX and CUSIP Global Services will jointly facilitate an extensive enhancement to ASB’s existing Portal Tech Infrastructure, resulting in improved communication and data quality between contributors and market participants. Part of the overhaul will also be a migration of the platform to a cloud-based infrastructure, the development of a new interface with an integrated data quality dashboard, a data challenge and error logging system, and enhanced search and download capabilities.

This detailed restructuring of ASB’s current technology infrastructure will ensure the highest standards of data quality and will improve communication between the federated group of national numbering agency contributors.

The ASB is a central data hub that has been collecting and enriching securities data from around the world since 2001. Its database contains global security and entity identifier data for over 34 million publicly traded instruments, contributed by a federated group of 116 national numbering agencies providing ISIN coverage across more than 200 jurisdictions. The ASB was developed and is operated jointly by ANNA partners, SIX and CUSIP Global Services.

Development work on the enhancements to the ANNA Service Bureau has already started.

Marcus Müntener, Global Head of Customer Services & Data Operations, Financial Information, SIX, said: “The ANNA Service Bureau has become a critical component of the global financial markets’ infrastructure, by virtue of its reliability and widespread accessibility. The enhancements we will be making will ensure that it continues to maintain that position for many years to come. We are pleased to be working with our partners at ANNA, CUSIP Global Services and all of the contributing numbering agencies around the world in continuing the success story of the ANNA Service Bureau, based on cloud and state-of-the-art technology.”

Dan Kuhnel, Chairman of the ANNA board of directors, said: “Both CUSIP Global Services and SIX have developed impeccable track records over the course of our longstanding partnership, continually keeping us moving forward while also maintaining the most stringent data quality and reliability standards. We are excited to embark on this new project to improve the reliability, resiliency and usability of our database, ultimately delivering higher quality reference data to the marketplace.”

Scott Preiss, Managing Director and Global Head of CUSIP Global Services, said: “As founding members of ANNA, we are acutely aware of the vital role the organisation plays in global financial markets. By migrating to a cloud-based architecture and making important interface improvements, we will ensure that the ASB continues to be a beacon of reliability and certainty for many years to come.”

Source: SIX

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