Societe Generale Goes Live With big xyt TCA

big xyt, the independent provider of market data analytics, is pleased to announce that Societe Generale Luxembourg, the multi specialist bank, has implemented their award-winning Execution Analytics to provide sophisticated trading performance analytics to their clients, and enhance their ability to act on changing market dynamics.

big xyt’s analytics platform, transforming TCA with data science, provides Societe Generale Luxembourg with the latest innovation in smart data analytics in the drive towards continually targeting reduced transaction costs. Leveraging big xyt’s highly granular consolidated view of the marketplace allows Societe Generale Luxembourg to measure and benchmark their executions and positively differentiate from their peers.

“We are delighted to be adding Societe Generale Luxembourg to our portfolio of buy-side clients who have the seen the value in our flexible and independent offering” said Mark Montgomery, Head of Strategy and Business Development at big xyt. “This initiative enables both firms to collaborate on the integration of new methodologies, creating a better understanding of the complexity of Societe Generale Luxembourg’s interactions in a constantly evolving landscape.”

Source: big xyt

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