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Software AG Releases New, High-Performance Apama Streaming Analytics Platform

Performance Benchmarking Demonstrates Unprecedented Scalability

Darmstadt, Germany, 10/6/2014

Software AG (Frankfurt TecDAX: SOW) have announced the availability of their newest version of the Apama Streaming Analytics platform with a significant new feature and two major enhancements: the addition of new high-bandwidth channels, native Universal Messaging integration, and a common user developer environment with other Software AG products.

Twenty-fold Increase in Performance on Single Computer
With the addition of new high-bandwidth channels, performance is increased twenty-fold on a single computer producing upwards of 32 million events per second; in a scaled-out architecture, performance can increase massively to billions of events per second. This industry-leading performance is achieved by splitting a data stream into multiple, separate channels to exploit the power of parallel processing pipelines whenever possible; thus ensuring no interactions occur and zero bottlenecks are created. This new capability means developers can structure their applications in such a way that the data can be processed completely separately and executed in parallel.

Software AG and Intel Conduct Performance Benchmark
In a recent performance benchmark, Intel and Software AG developed a simulated scenario on a single Intel® Xeon® processor E7-V2 series-based server, in which the equivalent of 700,000 retail shops were connected. With Apama operating on an Intel® Xeon® processor E7-V2 series-based server, 5.6 million location updates per second were processed. This performance improvement for location-based applications is significant and corresponds to processing geo-positioning updates for the entire US population every 60 seconds.

Collaboration Demonstrated Impressive Improvements
Pete Baker, vice president, Software and Services Group and director of Platform Application Engineering at Intel Corporation, said: “Intel and Software AG worked together to run Apama on the latest Intel® Xeon® processor E7-V2 series-based server to benchmark Big Data Streaming Analytics performance in a retail scenario. This collaboration demonstrated impressive improvements in Apama’s scalability and location-based awareness performance.”

Industries such as capital markets, in which Apama is a market leader and used extensively, depend on high performance, low latency applications to run high frequency trading, eFX-commerce, market surveillance and risk management. Apama Streaming Analytics enables enterprises to monitor what is happening from different, disparate data sources, analyze massive amounts of fast-moving Big Data (including streaming sensor data from the ‘Internet of Things’), streaming chatter from social media channels, and streaming information to and from mobile applications, to help prescribe the best action at the right time.

Apama Natively Integrated with Software AG Universal Messaging
With Apama 5.2, the Apama Streaming Analytics platform is now natively integrated with Software AG Universal Messaging. Universal Messaging streams data across enterprise, web and mobile devices and is the core, low-latency messaging capability within Software AG’s webMethods Integration platform.

Apama Delivers Strong Competitive Advantage
Dr. Wolfram Jost, Chief Technology Officer and member of the Executive Board at Software AG, noted: “The pace at which enterprises capture and analyze data is increasing exponentially, and streaming analytics products must keep pace and scale. Software that supports the full capacity of multi-core servers offers enterprises the opportunity to significantly improve performance and reduce cost.  Given the importance of cost-effective, high-speed throughput for streaming analytics, Apama makes full use of modern servers delivering a strong competitive advantage to enterprises adopting this technology.”

Apama Studio Can be used within Software AG Designer
Additionally, Apama 5.2’s Studio can be used within Software AG Designer to simplify the development of projects. This combined ‘development sandbox’ for Software AG products makes it possible to create projects locally, streamline the process of checking in and out project code, and enables developers to adopt agile development methodologies or work on shared projects across large, geographically-dispersed teams.

Software AG’s Apama Streaming Analytics Platform is being demonstrated at the company’s global customer event, Innovation World, in New Orleans on October 13-15.

For more information see: http://www.softwareag.com/iw14/index.php

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