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The Solution to Your Beauty Needs

02.05.2014 By Markets Media Life

The Fountain Medical Group, founded by renowned doctors Dr. Todd Schlifstein and Dr. Jeffrey Goldstein in 2008, just opened the doors of their new, state of the art facility, and beauty lovers all over NYC are lining the streets for a first look at the office. Fountain MedSpa, located just a few doors down from their original office focusing on Sports Medicine, offers their clients a bounty of customized cosmetic solutions and skin analyses in a luxurious and relaxing space.Decorated with light walls, plush beds and couches, and wooden floors, this intimate space is the perfect way to touch-up your beauty routine. These decorative accents give off the emotions of reflection, purity, and cleanliness, creating a calming experience and assuring you feel completely relaxed.

Fountain MedSpa

The founders, Dr. Todd Schlifstein and Dr. Jeffrey Goldstein are well trained in and respected in the medical community, and within celebrity and society circles. Both have appeared on various media outlets as medical experts on a variety of topics. Dedicated to helping you be the best version of yourself, the doctors offer an expansive list of beauty treatments to choose from, with top of the line machines and high-end products to complete the package.


Fountain MedSpa offers a wide variety of outpatient cosmetic procedures and spa services, including but not limited to cosmetic injectables (BOTOX, Dysport and cosmetic fillers), laser treatments, and customized treatments such as IV vitamin therapy and the 15 Minute Nose Job. They even supply you with injections of vitamin B12 to supply you with energy throughout the day.

Fountain MedSpa

Popular treatments that are offered include the “Vampire Facial”, PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapies such as the PRP Facial, a practice that has been used by many celebrities. While the name is not so enticing, the process of injecting your own blood sample into your skin creates the ultimate skin rejuvenation, gradually increasing collagen which can increase skin thickness and overall health of the skin.

The Fountain MedSpa has every aspect of skin covered, and can provide you with the ultimate cosmetic experience, helping you feel better with each visit.

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