Spanish Derivatives Market Launches BME FX

Shanny Basar
Spanish Derivatives Market Launches BME FX

MEFF, the Spanish Derivatives Market, has launched BME FX, a web platform aimed at banks and other financial institutions, which will facilitate to hedge the currency risk with MEFF’s xRolling® FX futures contracts.

BME FX consists of a technological solution that will allow banks and financial institutions to modernize their FX derivatives trading for institutional clients and corporates in a simple and cost-effective way, offering the possibility of deploying white-label terminals among their clients to hedge currency risk with xRolling® FX

BME launched xRolling® FX in 2019, an innovative futures contract on the 17 most actively traded currency pairs, with extended trading hours (00:00 to 23:00), distributed by MEFF members and settled and cleared in BME Clearing, BME’s Central Counterparty. xRolling® FX futures contracts compete in terms of flexibility and cost with FX Forwards and standard futures.

With the launch of the BME FX platform, the BME Group continues its expansion in the FX market, an industry in full transformation because of a growing demand for greater transparency in FX trading by regulators.

Source: BME

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