Star USA’s International Trade Services Celebrates 20 Years of Success in Rapidly-Changing Global Commerce World

STAR USA  – Ashland, OH – September, 2016   Star USA, a leading international trade and compliance consultant, is celebrating its 20th anniversary of operations. Two decades of success in the rapidly-changing world of global commerce demonstrates Star USA’s excellence in serving clients who buy, sell, produce or source goods or services outside of their country.
Specifically, Star USA offers clients expertise in international trade compliance and logistics management and support, supply chain security, and training and education.
Leveraging Opportunities
The reduction of trade barriers and the creation of a more stable and transparent trading and investment environment make it more advantageous for U.S. companies to import and export products. Star USA helps clients leverage these opportunities.
Focus on Clients
“We help organizations of all sizes meet their responsibility for international trade compliance,” states Star USA’s Security and Export Controls Manager Nic Arters. “They choose us because we offer a broad range of custom solutions that are cost-effective, sustainable and keep operations running smooth.” Arters also conducts online training seminars geared toward industry awareness and employee advancement and has been Guest Lecturer at Case Western Reserve School of Law.
“Our clients focus on sales and production – while we drive down costs, eliminate delays, and keep them in compliance,” says Arters. “They benefit from our unique blend of metrics, KPIs, and knowledge to advance their business globally.”
Export Controls Services Growing Fast
Since 2013, Star USA’s Export Compliance and Control services have been in great demand and the business is growing aggressively.
“Our team guides the exporter through the extremely complex processes of export control functions,” states Arters. “Some of these functions include: classifications, documentation, license determination, record keeping and special trade agreement preferential tariff treatment such as NAFTA.”
Employees Who Build Their Skills and Grow Our Clients
Star USA’s strong team of trade and compliance experts, with extensive industry and government experience, turn these strategies into real processes for clients. “Working for Star USA has been an extraordinary opportunity to become involved in the dynamic world of international trade,” stated Brennan Ney, International Trade Specialist. “The emphasis of ongoing training and education at Star USA has been invaluable in developing my knowledge and subject matter expertise and truly sets Star apart. The wide range of skills and expertise I have acquired while at Star USA has been invaluable in aiding Star’s diverse client base expand and compete in an ever-changing global economy.”
Our Proprietary Products
Star USA has remained strong through the turbulent, often erratic international economy by offering forward-thinking proprietary services that help clients excel. General Manager Michael D. Easton has helped pioneer new technologies in the trade arena. including StarTrack, the iRate Rate Management System, and the Star USA Free Trade Agreement RDBMS. Easton promotes compliance awareness through community outreach and ongoing affiliations with higher learning institutions, where he frequently speaks.
“Our goal is to be more than a great technology and insights provider,” Easton says. “We want to be a great partner and a great leader in the industry. That’s why we focus on innovations and data-driven processes that further assure compliance while targeting opportunities for improvement throughout an organization.”
About Star USA, Inc.
Star USA builds compliance programs that keep companies in line with the ever-changing world of regulatory compliance requirements.  Experts in NAFTA and other FTA regulations, Star USA helps clients of all sizes comply with the entire spectrum of their export and import issues.

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