Steve Grob Consults With big xyt

big xyt, the independent provider of market data analytics, today launched XYT View, a specialist aggregated view of fragmented market information that participants need to ensure that they are achieving the best possible outcomes for themselves and their clients.

The company is also pleased to announce that Steve Grob, CEO at Vision 57 and “long time” market commentator will be working with the Strategy team to provide market consultancy and additional thought leadership.

XYT View provides a meaningful range of market overview metrics and has been developed to fill the information gap caused by the withdrawal of previous alternatives. Delivered via interactive dashboards, users can observe changes in displayed liquidity, periodic auctions, opening and closing auctions across the entire equity and ETF trading landscape in Europe.

Visible metrics include value traded, market share, spreads, effective spreads and price movement for Exchanges, MTFs, dark pools and Systematic Internalisers.

Steve Grob said “Over the past few years, liquidity execution has become even more complicated, and the pressure to deliver on outcomes due to regulation and cost base management has moved from being something of academic interest to a crucial part of the business information process for all participants.” He added, “I have always been impressed with the technology behind how big xyt collates, normalises and presents data to provide the information the market requires; and, the highly intuitive front-end enables users to personalise their own understanding of European liquidity. I am really looking forward to working with the team to bring their analytics solutions to an ever widening audience.”

Mark Montgomery, Head of Strategy and Business Development at big xyt, said “big xyt has become the de-facto reference for firms requiring independent validation of market liquidity and trends.” Adding, “We are delighted to add Steve’s expertise to our team as we respond to market demand to further expand our analytics solutions. As a well-known industry expert, he will bring additional perspective to the data we have been collecting and analysing for some time for a range of different audiences. We look forward to extending XYT View and its reach into additional markets and regions”

XYT View is a web-based tool that allows the trading community to analyse more than 3 billion messages per day, timestamped with nanosecond precision, to get an immediate feel for the complete trading pattern of any European stock or index over any time period.

The introduction of XYT View brings an additional and much-needed layer of overview transparency for the market. This complements the detailed market analytics big xyt provide to a wide range of firms including exchanges, buy sides and sell sides to validate their trading performance for themselves and their clients to make sense of fragmentation and to make better decisions. Researchers, analysts and media also use big xyt as an independent source of market structure reference information.

Source: big xyt

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