Have You Been Sticking to Your Resolutions?


It’s already March, and we’re now three months into the process of sticking to our New Years Resolutions. One of the most popular Resolutions was to eat healthy and lose weight. While many of us have stuck to our proposed plans, most of us are unable to find the inspiration to stay motivated (or to stop us from eating that delicious cupcake!). Well if you’re looking for that extra motivation, we have just the thing! Celebrities always know the new diet plan before the rest of us, but we’re here to show you the two best celebrity loved diets to help you eat healthy and have fun (without even thinking about picking up that iced cupcake!). Try them out for yourself, and see how you can easily be healthier, feel better, and be fit!

“I love this healthy eating book”--Victoria Beckham

“I love this healthy eating book”–Victoria Beckham

Honestly Healthy For Life
The alkaline way of eating is one of the biggest celeb crazes for a healthy lifestyle. The second book in this diet–developed by gourmet vegetarian chef Natasha Corrett and nutritional therapist and naturopath Vicki Edgson–is entitled “Honestly Healthy For Life” and consists of over 100 tasty and nutritious recipes for simple and healthy everyday eating. Split into two main parts, the first section explains the principles behind the Honestly Healthy way of eating, with examples of how your body and mind will function better with the right nutrients found in the alkaline diet. The second section details delicious recipes, from snacks to dinners, and lazy weekends to mouthwatering desserts. Recipe favorites include the Pumpkin and Orange Risotto, Melt-in-the-Mouth Doughnuts, and Sticky Toffee Pudding.

The best part–this lifestyle change can help remove bloating, and even improve our moods, which is something we can all benefit from! Not to mention how this diet is loved by many well-known A-listers including Lisa Snowdon and Victoria Beckham.


"I use her bars and shakes and I love them!"--Paula Abdul

“I use her bars and shakes and I love them!”–Paula Abdul


Dr. Emma’s HCG Diet
While it may sound strange, the HCG Diet — receiving injections of the pro-hormone HCG, administered safely by a Doctor–it actually works in promoting weight loss. HCG reduces feelings of hunger, which allows dieters to eat less and and feel fuller for longer. We’ve heard of HCG pills, however, the only proven way for HCG to actually aid in weight loss is by having it injected, as the hormone will dissolve before actually entering the bloodstream if taken orally. This safe diet plan created by Dr. Sheri Emma helps you lose weight and maintain weight loss because it protects muscle from being lost with rapid weight loss, unlike crash dieting. By protecting your muscle, your allowing for more weight loss as well as a faster metabolism, and it becomes safer to eat low-calories with faster results than dieting without the hormone. This celeb-loved diet is used by many, including chef Donatella Arpaia as well as Rachel Uchitel, who tried everything after her pregnancy and vows that nothing worked better, even saying “Within 3 weeks I had dropped 12lbs. Nothing else had worked and the HCG shots were the ONLY reason I lost the weight and kept it off. I now take the shots every few months for maintenance and I have kept the weight off since I started.”

Dr. Emma’s other diet plan–The DIY Diet— created off of the HCG diet that does not consist of any medication but rather a specific calorie-restricted diet with meal replacements is easy to follow and loved by many celebrities because it doesn’t require much planning. This 800-1000 calorie a day plan is used by Jonathan Cheban (Dr. Emma’s meal replacements are seen in many of his instagrams), and music icon Paula Abdul.

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