STOXX Licenses Fully Automated Blockchain Index


STOXX Ltd., the operator of Deutsche Boerse Group’s index business and a global provider of innovative and tradable index concepts, has licensed the STOXX® Yewno Developed Markets Blockchain Index to Toronto, Canada-based Coin Capital Investment Management Inc. (Coincapital). The index uses artificial intelligence to select its constituents. It is comprised of companies from a wide range of industries that invest heavily in the development of blockchain-related technologies, and are therefore considered to be well-positioned to benefit from their increased adoption. The key criterion used in the selection process is patent filings related to blockchain intellectual property (IP). This makes it possible to identify both blockchain innovators and adopters.

“In the market today, some companies think adding ‘blockchain’ to their name means they are innovative. This buries real players – the ones filing for patents and investing in blockchain research  – under a shroud of media hype,” said Lewis Bateman, CEO of Coincapital. “After the launch of B.R.AI.N., we’re excited to once again partner with STOXX on the launch of the Blockchain Index, which uses proprietary AI to track and analyze companies actually doing work to move this technology forward.”

“Blockchain is one of the most disruptive megatrends of our times, and will play a major role in the transition towards a digital, highly technological world. We are excited to team up with award-winning AI company Yewno one more time. Their algorithms, which use machine learning, computational linguistics and knowledge graph techniques, identify the constituents for this index in a fully automated way,” said Matteo Andreetto, CEO of STOXX.

The index universe is the STOXX® Developed Markets Total Market Index. The Blockchain Index is price-weighted with a weighting factor proportional to a constituent’s free-float market capitalization and blockchain IP score. For this, Yewno calculates two metrics relevant to a company’s involvement in the field of blockchain: blockchain intellectual property exposure (blockchain patents in relation to all other patents awarded to an individual company), and blockchain contribution (blockchain patents of an individual company in relation to all blockchain patents within the entire index universe).

Source: STOXX

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