Sustained Demand For European Funds

The European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA) has today published its latest Investment Funds Industry Fact Sheet, which provides net sales of UCITS and AIF for May 2017.  29 associations representing more than 99 percent of total UCITS and AIF assets provided us with net sales data.

The main developments in May 2017 can be summarized as follows:

  • Net inflows into UCITS and AIF totaled EUR 95 billion, compared to EUR 83 billion in April.
  • UCITS registered net inflows of EUR 62 billion, down from EUR 78 billion in April.
  • Long-term UCITS (UCITS excluding money market funds) recorded net sales of EUR 62 billion, up from EUR 58 billion in April. 

– Net sales of equity funds totaled EUR 13 billion, the same as in April.
– Net sales of bond funds totaled EUR 30 billion, up from 26 billion in April.
– Net sales of multi-asset funds totaled EUR 17 billion, up from EUR 15 billion in April.

  • UCITS money market funds recorded net sales of EUR 0.2 billion, down from EUR 19 billion in April.
  • AIF recorded net sales of EUR 33 billion, up from EUR 5 billion in April.
  • Total net assets of UCITS and AIFs totaled EUR 15,065 billion at end May, compared to EUR 15,008 at end April and EUR 14,141 billion at end 2016.

Bernard Delbecque, Senior director for Economics and Research at EFAMA commented: “The demand for long-term UCITS and AIF continued to increase in May, in an environment of strengthening economic growth and reduced political uncertainty in Europe following the election of President Macron.”

Source: EFAMA

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