Symphony Adds Granular Message Control


Open source collaboration-software provider Symphony looks to add additional workflow controls in the next release of its eponymous platform.

Users will be able to control the flow of information by turning up and down the volume of their notifications as well as mute certain aspects of conversations, according to Ken Yagen, chief product officer at Symphony.

“There will be a lot of new features focused on the desktop,” he said during a recent product webinar. “On the mobile side, we are working on performance to drive similar improvements within our application as well.”

In the meantime, Symphony has been rolling out the latest version of its platform, version 1.54.2, to its client base over the last few weeks.

“We have some customers who are in the process of upgrading over the next week or two,” said Yagen. “In a couple of weeks, all of our customer base should be running the new release.”

New features in the latest release include bookmark functionality, in-room search, and the ability to respond to specific messages.

“Sales teams can leverage bookmarks to capture market-moving news and color commentary that is shared in a chat room for their reference,” said Manish Sharma, senior director of product management at Symphony and who also participated in the webinar. “It would provide context regarding the pricing of products.”

Symphony also introduced mobile deep linking, which permits linking mobile application with specific Symphony chat rooms via the platform’s APIs.

“Mobile deep linking optimizes your digital workflows by enabling teams not only to get answers from their product managers quickly but also sharing the news faster with their teams,” said Yagen.

The vendor also has increased the performance of its data loss protection features in the latest release by adding support for the filtering and blocking of more than 15 MB worth of message content and file attachments.

Symphony achieved the performance boost through parallel processing of the expressions used in the DLP policies running on a multi-core CPU infrastructure, said Yagen.

Users can configure the system to prevent the accidental sharing of confidential documents or trading lists before the messages leave the corporate firewall, added Sharma.

The vendor plans to enable users to export their DLP logs via Symphony’s APIs in a future release, according to Yagen.

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