SZSE Held First Online Roadshow For Overseas Investors


On March 5, SZSE, together with overseas institutions, jointly held the first online roadshow for overseas investors. Nearly 30 representatives of overseas investment institutions from the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc. and three SZSE-listed companies Lianchuang Electron (002036), GEM (002340) and DSBJ (002384) had in-depth discussions on strategic planning, industry development and other issues. The roadshow is a practical measure of SZSE to improve the service system for overseas investor and strengthen the opening up and communication of the capital market during the outbreak of COVID-19.

Through the online roadshow, overseas investors have fully learnt the production and operation status of enterprises during the COVID-19 outbreak, as well as the specific measures adopted and the actual results achieved by China to respond to the outbreak and maintain stable operation of the economy and society. They have expressed firm confidence in China’s economy, reform and development.

In recent years, with the deepening of opening up of the capital market to the outside world, SZSE has made global roadshows a normal practice to guide SZSE-listed companies to continuously improve overseas investor relations management capability, innovate and enrich service modes and strengthen professional and international services. During the outbreak, SZSE promptly released notices on continuous market operation in English, periodically published English Weekly Bulletin on the operation status of SZSE, and actively provided an online service platform for resource matchmaking between listed companies and overseas markets.

SZSE always adheres to the market-based, rule-of-law-based and international practice, and unswervingly advanced high-level opening-up. Besides, we also improved basic market policies, upgraded the market service system and developed international cooperation and communication extensively to provide a good investment environment for domestic and overseas investors. In addition , we actively supported listed companies affected by the outbreak in using capital market platforms to strengthen connection to upstream and downstream industrial chains and global capital, helped enterprises resume production and operation in an orderly way, and strove to build a bridge between overseas investors and Chinese high-growth listed companies.

Source: SZSE

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