With Zoe Zhang and Richard Knight, Execution Quant Group, CLSA

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The transactions create a strong benchmark for the onshore green repo market in China.

China will allow PCAOB inspections and investigations meeting U.S. standards.

Trading can take place on all days when both Hong Kong and Mainland China markets are open. 

China’s Futures and Derivatives Law removes a significant barrier to a well-functioning derivatives market.

The first Chinese companies listed their Global Depository Receipts on SIX Swiss Exchange.

Adding eligible ETFs will support the development of ETFs in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

With Angely Yip, Senior Sales Manager, Chinese Financial Institutions, BNP Paribas Securities Services

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What Next for Trading China?

China's equity markets continue to rapidly evolve.

It has become the first EU bank to facilitate QFI access to stocks listed in Beijing.