Daily Email Feature

AFME Warns On No-Deal Brexit

UK CCPs may start off-boarding processes for EU27 members this year.

Morgan Stanley has connected to CDSClear.

Citadel centrally clears cash and repo trades via the offering.

Bank of China now has access to clearing of interest rate derivatives at LCH.

All shares listed on Nasdaq’s equity markets in Sweden, Denmark and Finland will have central clearing.

Giancarlo said he intends to call three rulemakings for a vote before he leaves the CFTC.

In the last few years the upward trend in clearing has leveled off.

The US regulator will propose a rule next month on overseeing third-country CCPs.

Securities Financing Transaction Regulation is due to go live next April.

Customers in OTC interest rate derivatives clearing increased by 50% in the last six months.