ISDA urges the EU to grant permanent equivalence to UK CCPs.

In 2019 Baton and J.P. Morgan developed near real-time collateral transfers to multiple CCPs.

Participants, including Goldman Sachs, have optimised five of eight new currency pairs cleared at LCH.

Regulatory IM has been increasing as margin rules for non-cleared derivatives have been phased in.

The bank is the first to process a client trade via LCH’s ForexClear international clearing broker model.

107 exchanges and CCPs will ring opening or closing bells for International Women’s Day 2021.

Political relations between the UK and the Biden administration will be key in the coming months.

Portfolio margining across single name, index and option instruments drive capital efficiencies.

The number and size of margin calls can contribute to stress in the financial system in extreme volatility.

New digital asset marketplaces can launch on a fully-compliant end-to-end exchange platform.