The first experiment covered the tokenisation and simulated DvP of government bonds

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This collaboration represents another step in the digitization of repo markets.

Regulated Settlement Network will investigate potential of DLT for domestic users of US dollars & Treasuries.

HQLAX optimises liquidity management and collateral management.

A POC for managers to tokenize funds onto their chosen blockchain was held under MAS’s Project Guardian.

A repo, digital bond purchase & redemption with regulated digital payment tokens were automatically settled.

Integration of DLT is a priority over the next 3 years, according to SIX's 2023 Future of Finance report.

Financial market infrastructures Deutsche Börse, DTCC and Euroclear are all expanding in digital assets.

The World Bank's digital bond issuance is a firm step towards the digitalisation of capital markets.

75% of tier-1 financial institutions are exploring tokenization via Fireblock's platform.