Settlement instructions from Asia to the US and Canada need be accelerated.

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Aquis Markets has increased revenues following the integration of the Aquis Matching Pool in 2022.

The indices are based on company size and IPO performance.

Plato Partnership and SL Tools will launch a block trading venue following regulatory reform.

The bank will be a trading and clearing member and offer liquidity for off-book transactions.

The ability to operate in the Spanish post-trade infrastructure allows operational and cost efficiencies.

There is a need for additional tools as it has become harder for the buy side to find liquidity.

Dynamic M-ELO intelligently adapts to real-time market conditions to improve execution quality and fill rates.

The exchange agreed to a variation of lock-up arrangements following the Refinitiv acquisition.

25 fund managers with a combined $12tr have joined since Appital Turquoise Bookbuilder launched in 2022.