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TRACE Turns 20

Stephanie Dumont and Ola Persson of FINRA reflect on advances in fixed income transparency.

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Investors lack confidence in fixed income data and believe only half is really reliable.

The consortium is creating the first open market electronic trading platform for syndicated loans and CLOs.

Buy-side users can access Tradeweb’s RFQ process while strengthening relationships with diverse dealers.

The Treasury is soliciting public feedback on additional post-trade data transparency.

Clients can access UMBS TBA futures alongside U.S. Treasury and short-term interest rate contracts.

Bringing Neptune onto Genesis technology makes it easy to add features, datasets and analytics.

European financial markets would benefit from a well-functioning fixed income consolidated tape.

The future of trading is digital and interoperable.

EFAMA said concerns about rising inflation and monetary policy hit bond funds in the first quarter.