LMAX Group intends to offer trading of NDFs in early 2023.

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The banks have settled $200bn in transactions on DLT and plan to add more currencies.

Schroders cleared NDF trades across a Asian and Latam currency pairs via Citi.

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LoopFX Launches Pilot Phase

Traders can identify matches of large trades with other buy side firms, and banks can also show axes.

CLSNet reduces risk by standardizing FX post-trade processes.

Buy side can scan portfolios for opportunities to optimize foreign exchange trades.

With Dmitry Kay, Co-head of EM FX Trading, Europe, UBS

Market technology has significantly evolved since the 'Black Wednesday' macro shock of Sept. 1992.

The service improves FX fixing workflows and reduces transaction costs.

Turquoise M-DAQ will provide brokers with composite equity and FX trading workflow, and enriched analytics.