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LCH CDSClear Targets US Growth

CDSClear is creating a single pool of liquidity that is appropriate for both US and European clients.

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Private market exposure is growing and managing liquidity has been an onerous manual process.

Intraday markets play an important role in banks’ liquidity optimisation strategy.

The collaboration increases access to corporate bond liquidity.

European trading in fixed income instruments is highly fragmented and non-transparent.

Buy-side trading desks are under pressure to adopt more data-driven trade automation.

COVID-19market stress highlighted the potential systemic significance of disorderly corporate bond trading.

TP ICAP’s dealer clients can connect to the NIT protocol and deepen liquidity.

Firms engaging in important liquidity-providing roles, including in U.S. Treasuries, will need to register.

The venue will be known as Aquis Matching Pool (AMP) once the transfer is complete.