Industry survey shows data and technology challenges in the middle offices of banks and brokers.

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T+1: A Double-Edged Sword?

The move to T+1 may impact financial services firms more than T+3 or T+2 did.

There's an opportunity for firms to reduce costs and inefficiencies in post-trade, Laurence Jones of CME Group's Traiana...

Companies say the solution transforms post-trade workflow via process, product, and data integration.

As ASX moves to replace CHESS, market participants look to what else the technology can deliver.

New product automates processing for multi-market and multi-currency securities.

From The Markets

FIX Expands in Post-Trade

New message types will support periodic future payment management.

The deal should enhance data-sharing and automation across the back office.

Aim is to transform inefficient post-trade affirmation processes in equity swaps.

Older post-trade technology goes under the microscope.