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TRACE Turns 20

Stephanie Dumont and Ola Persson of FINRA reflect on advances in fixed income transparency.

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Asset manager anticipates an SEC decision on converting its fund to a spot bitcoin ETF by early July.

The EU Parliament’s report substantially extends the coverage of the label.

The firm is one of a handful of Singapore-based digital payment token service providers with approval.

European financial markets would benefit from a well-functioning fixed income consolidated tape.

'Crypto carnage’ has shown how meaningful protections for investors, markets, and the public are needed.

Changes to the rules governing equity market structure should be considered holistically.

The guidance sets criteria for USD-backed stablecoins issued by DFS-regulated entities.   

Gensler said market segmentation and concentration lead to an unfair playing field in US equities.

The Responsible Financial Innovation Act assigns regulation of digital asset spot markets to CFTC.