Institutional traders are finding it harder to achieve their trading and investment objectives.

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Crypto-focused firms are expected to use their high valuations to buy TradFi firms.

Only 30% of volume that hits the tape in U.S. equities is single-stock, accessible, non-HFT liquidity.

With Mehmet Kinak, Global Head of Systematic Trading and Market Structure, T. Rowe Price

Retail accounts for half of the trading volume at Taiwan Futures Exchange.

Increased participation of individual investors is changing market dynamics.

Nanos are contracts that are designed to simplify options trading.

Nearly a dozen retail brokers have joined to evaluate how market infrastructure and rules should evolve.

Upstart exchange has seen market share increase to near 4%.

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SEC Consults on Gamification

Investors may not be appropriately protected when they trade using new technologies.