Recent downturn has shifted market from retail-heavy participation to more systematic/quant influence.

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The ability to track volatility across multiple asset classes has never been more important.

Additional volatility due to unforeseen macro events, particularly the conflict in Ukraine, were contribers.

In March 2020 market-wide circuit breakers were triggered on four occasions in the US.

ESMA analysed actively managed equity UCITS relative to prospectus and market benchmark indices.

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Volatility in U.S. Equity Markets

Innovation and technology can help the buy side source liquidity, Chris Fiorito of River Road AM writes.

The exchange now offers 40+ CVOL indexes across nearly every major investible asset class.

Circuit breakers were triggered in March 2020.

The number and size of margin calls can contribute to stress in the financial system in extreme volatility.

The new indexes are based on energy, metals and agricultural markets.