Texture Capital Partners With COSIMO X

Texture Capital, the institutional marketplace for private capital, today announced a partnership with COSIMO X, a venture capital fund that invests in opportunities in emerging next-generation technologies. Texture Capital will support capital raising and secondary market trading of the COSIMO X digital tokens and enable COSIMO X to reach a broader network of investors and offer secondary market liquidity opportunities not typically available to institutional investors.

Through Texture Capital’s online marketplace, investors will be given streamlined access to the COSIMO X venture capital fund. COSIMO X’s innovative tokenized structure offers investors opportunities for increased liquidity and the ability move funds in or out at their discretion. Tokenized securities also provide investors with improved transparency thanks to their implementation on blockchain technology.

“Innovative firms like COSIMO X are demonstrating that digital securities are the future of private markets as they seek new ways to modernize the investment process and provide secondary trading opportunities to their investors,” said Richard Johnson, CEO and Co-founder of Texture Capital. “As a digital securities broker dealer, Texture Capital is well positioned to assist COSIMO X with access to capital and streamlined liquidity.”

“Texture Capital’s digital marketplace is a game-changer for COSIMO X’s trading capabilities, helping us to take full advantage of the future of the private markets industry,” said Connor Cantwell, Partner at COSIMO X. “Leveraging Texture Capital’s platform for secondary trading opens a new door of opportunity and allows for streamlined fundraising.

Source: Texture Capital

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