Thai Street Food on the Sunset Strip


By Rupveen Arora (Mademoiselle Wanderlust), Head of Lifestyle

Planning on being in the Los Angeles area in the near future? Then you mustn’t deprive yourself of the unexpected Thai street food emporium on the block: Night + Market; new hip Thai joint attached to Talesai.

The son of the Family that owns Talesai, Kris Yenbamroong, decided a pop-up adjacent to the well-respected Talesai is just what the neighborhood palate needed. His inspiration was brought on by the street food he chowed down on as a child/teenager in Bangkok.  Having been to Thailand, both Bangkok and Phuket, I can attest to the authenticity of the dishes, the aroma, the Pork and the spice factor.

One specific dish, the pork collar is referred to as “toro’”by Yenbamroong, due to its richness. I don’t believe there is a portion of the pig this Chef leaves out in some capacity of Tapas style dishes.

Some of the dishes we ordered, (my mouth still salivating in hopes of returning sooner rather than later) were:

  • Larb Gai: Minced Chicken, lime, fish sauce, rice powder, chile, cilantro, onion**spicy**
  • Jungle Curry Soup w/ wild ginger, young peppercorns, thai eggplant, holy basil w/ minced chicken thigh, salty, oily, peppery. This is soup can only be done Spicy.
  • Crab fried Rice **excellent**
  • Drunken noodles w/ short ribs, chile, basil, garlic

There were certainly a few more dishes (no gluttonous foodies here), but you get the picture. Short of actually sitting in Thailand, the back garden, outdoors, under the heat of the UV lamps in the pleasant California night air, that soup and spice tickle a spot on your palate you almost didn’t know existed.

If you’re looking for your new, full of flavors, extremely delightful evening meals, I’d turn up on Sunset Blvd very soon.

Featured image via Flickr/Alpha under creative commons

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