‘The Cloud’ is Not the Limit for Institutional Hedge Fund Technology


Hosted IT Solutions Are Only One Part of Cost Effective Hedge Fund IT Says Alphaserve

Technologies in Advance of its October 12th Conference on Hedge Fund Technology Costs

New York – September 21, 2011 – Hedge fund executives who rely only on an outsourced cloud solution to achieve cost efficiencies should be aware of the impact of the associated risks, scalability and total cost of ownership of the solution. Alphaserve Technologies, a vendor-agnostic IT advisor to some of the world’s largest hedge funds and an early cloud pioneer which built the first institutional, venture-backed cloud platform in the late 90’s, believes that fund managers should perform careful due diligence in aligning their business requirements to their technology. Many techniques already employed by the big banks that are slowly working their way into the hedge fund community such as newer methods of information security and business continuity, utilizing ubiquitous anywhere, anyplace computing, and employing more sophisticated institutional class analytics and monitoring techniques, could result in further savings and improved efficiency.

“Simply put, the cloud is not a panacea for all of a hedge fund’s IT concerns,” commented Arup Das, CEO of Alphaserve Technologies. “For certain funds, based on their specific business requirements it may be more cost effective to maintain some technologies and business processes in-house rather than locate them completely on an out-sourced Cloud platform. The key is a balance between in-sourced technology and out-sourced Cloud solutions that provide effective reporting, risk management, compliance and trading”, added Mr. Das.

Alphaserve Technologies released these comments in advance of its lunch-time conference entitled ‘Cost Economics of Technology in Today’s Hedge Fund Market’ which will be held October 12th at 12.00 noon at the Yale Club in New York City. At the conference, Alphaserve, in conjunction with Rothstein Kass and i365 will share insights into Industry benchmarking information relating to Technology related costs. The expert panel, which includes hedge fund IT and operations experts and fund managers, will also discuss:

* How much cloud services cost by application
* How much IT support models cost – a comparison of outsourced and ‘smartsourced’ models
* Pros and cons: traditional hedge fund disaster recovery and data centers, or big bank-inspired remote infrastructure management and server co-location?
* The difference in costs between using the cloud or maintaining a dedicated infrastructure
* What IT staff funds can outsource and what staff you should be kept in house
* Which IT costs can be applied to the fund, and which have to be absorbed by the management company

“It’s often difficult for hedge fund CFOs and COOs to get straight answers to simple questions about their technology costs. Am I paying too much? What are my peers doing?” offered Mr. Das. “This conference will give C-level hedge fund executives the chance to ask the foremost experts in the industry the questions they could never get answered and get straight-forward answers in return.”

Sponsored by Rothstein Kass, Seagate i365, and Alphaserve Technologies, the lunch-time conference is open only to C-Level executives in hedge funds and private equity funds with responsibility for technology systems. To register, please click here.

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