The Global Reach of the FIX Trading Community


The FIX Trading Community had a very active first half of 2015 through a combination of global working groups, conferences and industry research that addressed the needs and challenges related to cybersecurity, cryptocurrency, data regulations and standardisation.

It all began at the start of the year with the new Cybersecurity Working Group, formed to develop best practices on how to handle security concerns.   Then in mid-May, FIX issued a call for participation in a new Cryptocurrency Working Group, with the end goal of developing simple rules of engagement that can be used to standardise trading cryptocurrencies.

Beyond that, FIX held seven standing-room only events across the world, including venues in Europe, Asia and America.  The international success of these events showed that the FIX community is interested in a growing range of hot topics.  In addition to the new Cybersecurity and Cryptocurrency Working Groups, the EMEA conference resulted in the formation of new subgroups focused on Order Data and Recordkeeping, Clock Synchronisation, Reference Data, Transparency, Best Execution and Microstructure.

In May, FIX also announced the results of a post-trade survey, reflecting the extension of the FIX Protocol from the Front Office to the Back Office.  There’s still a lot of work to be done, though.  So look forward to more events and updates from the FIX Working Groups as they start planning for the fall.

For more information, visit http://www.fixtradingcommunity.org/ or contact the Fix Program Office at fix@fixtrading.org.

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