The Long-Term Stock Exchange Opens

The Long-Term Stock Exchange Opens

The Long-Term Stock Exchange (LTSE), the only national securities exchange built to serve companies and investors who share a long-term vision, has opened for business.

The exchange went live on Wednesday with the trading of all U.S. exchange-listed securities and a mission to offer companies in every industry a public-market option designed to sustain long-term growth. To list their shares on the exchange, companies are required to publish and maintain a series of policies that are designed to provide shareholders and other stakeholders with insight into their long-term strategies, practices, plans and measures.

The policies are based on five underlying principles, which hold that long term-focused companies consider a broad group of stakeholders, measure success in years and decades, align compensation of executives and directors with long-term performance, engage directors in long-term strategy (and grant them explicit oversight of this strategy), and engage long-term shareholders.

“We are thrilled to open our exchange, which allows companies that are long term and investors who are long term to come together for mutual benefit,” said Eric Ries, founder and CEO of LTSE Group, Inc. “Modern companies want to innovate consistently, minimize pressure to hit short-term targets, join with long-term investors, and run their businesses with the stewardship that stakeholders and society demand.”

“The Long-Term Stock Exchange offers companies a new way to be public that supports the building of sustainable businesses, tightening ties with investors who share a long-term horizon, and a stakeholder approach,” he added.

By shifting the narrative and metrics of success, LTSE’s principles-based listing standards provide an alternative for companies built for innovation to pursue investments and advance their visions while doing right by long-term shareholders and other stakeholders. Listing with the exchange underscores a company’s commitment to the long term in a way that investors can consider when valuing the company and that employees, customers and communities can take seriously.

For companies and investors who focus long term

LTSE is a Securities and Exchange Commission-registered national securities exchange and participates in the national market system. Shares of companies traded on LTSE, whether listed on LTSE or another exchange, trade simultaneously and in real time across all U.S. exchanges, alternative trading systems and platforms operated by securities dealers.

Consistent with its focus on companies and investors, the securities traded on LTSE do so under LTSE’s Very Simple Market™, which features fully displayed quotes and simplified order types, as well as the absence of either trading fees or rebates.

Trading on LTSE is available to the investment and trading community through member broker-dealers. To learn more about membership, please contact LTSE’s market operations at marketops@longtermstockexchange.com.

LTSE can be a secondary listing exchange for companies that maintain a primary listing on another U.S. national securities exchange. To learn more about listing on LTSE, contact listings@longtermstockexchange.com.

Source: The Long-Term Stock Exchange

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