Thomson Brings MiFID II MTF for FX Derivatives Trading


NEW YORK/LONDON, December 14, 2017 – Thomson Reuters has released into production system enhancements to its Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF)   to support FX derivatives trading in compliance with MiFID II regulations. Thomson Reuters FXall and Forwards Matching users can now access robust liquidity on the MTF which meets multiple MiFID II requirements relating to execution workflow, trading controls, post-trade transparency and reporting.  MiFID II takes effect on January 3, 2018.

“We are extremely pleased to have reached the milestone of releasing the system enhancements into production to facilitate MiFID II compliance.  In parallel, Thomson Reuters continues to work very closely with our customers and regulators to ensure a smooth transition into the new regulatory environment,” said Neill Penney, Global Head of Trading, Thomson Reuters.  “As the implementation date approaches, we remain committed to continuing our approach of being a valued partner and advisor to our customers.”

Thomson Reuters FXall is a dealer-to-client FX marketplace used by over 2,300 institutional clients and 180 market makers. Thomson Reuters Matching is an anonymous electronic trade matching system for FX used by thousands of market participants in every region of the world to access and trade on deep liquidity in over 80 currency pairs. Collectively, Thomson Reuters FX platforms support average daily trading of over $350bn.

Thomson Reuters is committed to providing its clients with solutions to meet a wide range of MiFID II regulations.  Announced initiatives to help its clients achieve MiFID II compliance include: a partnership with VisibleAlpha and enhancements to Eikon to assist in compliance for research unbundling; the introduction of an APA connectivity solution for trade reporting requirements; enhancements to its reference-data capabilities, available on its integrated data and analytics delivery platform, DataScope; a legal entity identifier (LEI) solution; and enhancements to its Tick History feed.




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