By Rob Daly

Thomson Reuters Adds Futures and Options Trading

Thomson Reuters has added energy and commodity derivatives trading to its Eikon market data and analytics platform via a deal with trading-platform provider OptionsCity Software.

Eikon users now have the option of downloading OptionsCity’s City Execution application from the Eikon App Library.

The relationship between the vendors provides Eikon users a single system to trade futures and options while reducing operation costs, according to Leigh Henson, global head of energy markets at Thomson Reuters in a prepared statement.

“A lot of application users are paying twice for their data feeds- once for a data application and once for execution even if the applications are on the same machine,” Hazeem Dawani, CEO of OptionsCity Software, told Markets Media. “Those fees can be up to $400 per month per user.”

OptionsCity began working with Thomson Reuters to develop the Eikon application approximately nine months ago.

“Technology-wise, we were able to integrate Eikon into our pipes and execution services quickly through our City API,” said Dawani. “A lot of the time was spent on legal and compliance as well as navigating the various Thomson Reuters departments needed to get this application into production.”

Firms seeking to license the Eikon-based application should expect to pay separate invoices to the respective vendors, but there are some discussions in which there might be a single Thomson Reuters invoice in the future, he added.

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