TMX Insights Enhances TMX Analytics Product Suite with Global Foreign Exchange

Terry Flanagan

July 13, 2016 (TORONTO) – TMX Insights today announced TMX Analytics Product Suite has made enhancements with a full offering of tools and applications for the global foreign exchange (FX) market.

“The addition of FX capabilities is an important new offering as we continue to look for ways to increase the depth of value we bring to our clients,” said Eric Sinclair, President, TMX Market Insights and Group Head of Information Services, TMX Group. “The TMX Analytics Product Suite will feature high quality, unbiased FX rates from leading providers and is designed to equip investors with the information they need to identify opportunities in the global marketplace.”

TMX Analytics Product Suite is now able to synthesize vast quantities of data to deliver analysis for transparency and best execution with respect to the FX markets; offer insight into FX market liquidity and price discovery; measure the expected impact of pre-trade models based on FX market dynamics; and enable post-trade analysis of trading strategies, as well as order flow and transaction cost analysis.

TMX Analytics Product Suite also features a streaming real-time FX data feed and raw historical data. Global FX delivers continuously updated currency rates via a multicast binary protocol with unique features including 24 base currencies, an aggregate of 25-plus primary and secondary liquidity providers, over 500 currency pairs and up to five levels of depth of market.

For more information, please visit www.tmxinfoservices.com/tmx-insights/tmx-analytics-product-suite/tmx-global-fx.

About TMX Group (TSX-X)
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